About us

Hi - I'm Tom. I started Greater Impact Consulting for one reason; because I care about small nonprofits like yours. 

I was lucky enough to get to work in a small nonprofit. First as a volunteer then as a database consultant and, eventually, as the operations director. During my years in that organization I got to interact with many of the organizations in our community. I was consistently inspired by the collective impact that we, as nonprofits, created for the individuals, families, and organizations in our town. 

But every organization I talked to had a similar problem: their data was a messy timesuck for them. Some were digging through convoluted excel sheets to create their annual report, others were struggling just to get thank-you letters out to their donors. Some orgs seemed to have good CRM databases setup, but even they were usually operating at a very basic level - missing out on the many benefits of an optimized system. 

I eventually left that nonprofit for another job, but my heart never stopped caring about this amazing group of nonprofits that work so hard to create a difference. 

So, when the opportunity presented itself to start a business I knew just what I wanted to do - help small nonprofits with their databases. 

I decided to focus on Salesforce for a few reasons.

  • First - for small nonprofits it's free. Knowing how often my organization went for the free option I knew that we weren't along in choosing Salesforce.
  • Second - Salesforce is an incredibly customizable and scalable solution. In my time using it I was consistently impressed by all the things that it can do when it's set up well. But it can also be confusing when you don't have a designated technology person on your team.
  • Third - I had experience in it. After six years of building and using Salesforce databases, I found that I was consistently able to help nonprofits create meaningful and impactful change by helping them customizing their Salesforce.

And that's how this company came to be. It has one driving motivation: to help awesome organizations like yours create a greater impact in their communities and the world. 

So if you are ready to streamline your nonprofit's Salesforce, schedule your free call today. And more importantly - keep up the awesome work of creating impact in your communities. You are changing the world for the better.


Tom Check