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An ideal organization for me to work in includes:

  • Work that matters - You are passionate about making a positive difference in the world. Ideally, this involves helping to empower nonprofits through technology and extends to every facet of your organization.

  • A work family - You focus on building a collaborative and person-centered culture within the organization. Knowing that relationships take time to build, you take a long-term view when it comes to your personnel choices, and provide opportunities for staff to develop those relationships.

  • Room and resources to grow - You are focused on helping your staff pursue the growth they are most interested in. Whether it's mentoring, professional development, or personal development opportunities - you deeply believe that you get better when your team gets better.

  • The right people in the right seats - You recognize that every person has a unique set of skills, and you work hard to make sure that they are put in positions that leverage their individual gifts. 

About Me

Important things to know about me as an employee:

  • My Mission - To create a fundamentally positive impact in the world by helping individuals, groups, and organizations empower themselves to be fearless, compassionate, and community-minded.

  • People first - I believe deeply in people. I believe that helping people is the most effective way to change the world for the better. At work, this means taking the time to get to know about all of the people involved in our company, our team, and our client's organization so that I can help to activate them into greatness.

  • Constantly curious - I thrive by asking 'why?'. I love understanding both broad and granular aspects of any project so that I can balance the multitude of priorities that exist in every job.

  • Drive for clarity - I find that taking extra time to get clarity upfront almost always saves time in the long run, and leads to a higher quality outcome. To that end, I'm always driving for as much clarity as is feasible.


Charles Matheus – Supervisor at Boys to Men Mentoring Network
Can speak to the experience of managing me within a small org.
(928) 499-0522  ||  Charles@rocketfeather.com

Julie Mauer – Current Client of Greater Impact Consulting
Can speak to working with me as a client on a project, start to finish.
(632) 262-0657  ||  juliemaurer24@gmail.com

Filip Kanczula – Mentee, Subcontractor
Can speak to what it's like working under me on a Salesforce Project.
928-856-1798 || f.kanczula@gmail.com



LinkedIn Profile - Get to know more about me, and see more of my work and volunteer history.

Trailblazer ID w/ SF Certs - Currently 2x Certified (Administrator and Nonprofit Cloud Consultant) with 150+ badges, and 6 superbadges.

SF Training videos to help nonprofits - An example of the type of content I put out on a regular basis for the 'accidental admins' of small nonprofit Salesforce instances.

Power of Us Profile - I'm a regular contributor in the Power of Us hub, helping nonprofit users and admins resolve small issues that they post in the help forums (Requires an active PoU account).

Skills and projects


Salesforce-specific skills

  • Field security including profile setup, setting up permission sets and permission set groups
  • Role setup and configuration
  • User setup
  • Configuring standard and custom objects, fields, record types, page layouts
  • Creation and customization of reports, dashboards, and apps to fit business needs
  • Declarative automation tools include flow, process builder, workflow rules in addition to NPSP specific tools like levels and engagement plans
  • Deploying updates to production orgs via change sets from sandbox orgs
  • Data migration using built-in tools like Dataloader, Data Import Wizard, and NPSP Import
  • Data cleanup and de-duplication using 3rd party and built-in tools
  • Customization of managed packages specific to NPOs, including NPSP, PMM, V4S

Non-Salesforce-specific skills:

  • Demonstrated history of effective leadership in fast-paced, stressful environments balancing the needs of multiple parties
  • Collaboration in the development and facilitation of multiple training curriculum for both internal and community stakeholders
  • Design, recruitment, and execution of up to 100 events per year ranging in size from 10 to 100 participants
  • 1,000 + hours of coaching and mentoring experience for persons ranging from 13-year-old students to 60-year-old corporate leaders 
  • Diverse skill training including effective communication, mental health first aid, mindfulness, life coaching. I am currently pursuing a certification in project management
  • Ability to balance and prioritize a high volume of tasks as a business owner including project work and documentation, marketing, content creation and distribution, account management, network and lead cultivation, in addition to volunteer and other value-first activities

Salesforce Projects

Boys to Men Mentoring - I came in mid-design of the initial Salesforce instance in 2014 when their current developer backed out of the project. This was followed by 6 years of continuous development to track donations, programming, survey/output/outcome data, as well as all stakeholders and their multiple types of interactions within the organization. This included the usage of NPSP, DLRS, custom objects, custom automation (predominantly workflow rules and process builder), custom reports/dashboards, and home pages in addition to a transition from Classic to Lightning Experience. I also configured multiple integrations with outside services (Mailchimp, DonorBox, Slack, Zapier, etc) and was in charge of daily administration and training of new users.

Arch Grants - Primary consultant to help customize existing Salesforce instance for an organization that had been using Salesforce for 1-2 years and was frustrated by the setup. This project included customizing profiles and security settings, customizing objects/fields/record types, creating and modifying existing reports and dashboards, as well as customizing integrations and automation to align with their internal processes and workflows. I was also brought in to identify the use-case and create a custom app + all necessary customizations to support their outreach team who had never used Salesforce. In addition to needs assessment, data mapping, and data import, I also designed a custom app, set up integrations with SurveyMonkeyApply and Wordpress forms, configured dashboards, automation (primarily in process builder and flow), along with lead assignment rules, and custom lead processes. I also act as a help desk for this org when they run into challenges.

St. Louis Arts Chamber of Commerce - Primary consultant for an org that was new to Salesforce. I provided needs assessment for users unfamiliar with SF, provided initial data modeling, did much of the initial setup within NPSP, PMM, Inspire Planner (project mgmt App) as well as V4S, and trained users plus the current system administrator. I also act as a help desk for this organization when they run into challenges.

The Launch Pad Teen Center - Primary consultant for org that had recently merged with another youth-serving organization. Each had its own Salesforce instance and they wanted to merge the two into a single org. This project included needs assessment with staff who are unfamiliar with the administration of Salesforce, metadata and schema analysis + comparison for both orgs, collaboration to determine necessary and unnecessary data for migration, customization of the parent organization to accept new data, data migration across multiple objects with upwards of 50k records working around existing automation and validation rules.

About-Face - Primary consultant for a project involving an organization with an existing Salesforce implementation that needed to update their processes to separate opportunities and the program data that had been stored on this object with the goal of long-term scalability for a rapidly growing organization. Our final solution involved the use of PMM and custom junction objects to separate the two while keeping them connected for multiple likely future use cases. In addition, I automated price books, products, and quotes (using process builder and flow) to align with their fee-for-service model to allow for a high level of automated, professional, and simple customer service from both a development and program point of view.

Letter of recommendation from most recent supervisor

Tom Check is someone the rest of us are trying to live up to. I’ve been Tom’s boss, co-facilitator, mentor, mentee, and friend. In all of my different experiences with Tom, he always ups the quality of the moment, the conversation, the project, the program. He does that with his powerful intelligence, his drive, and his passion for excellence and efficiency. This kind of power can be scary to be around, but Tom tempers it with a calmness, an equanimity that not only breed confidence in him, but helps those he works with, teaches, and coaches a confidence in themselves. We’re at the bleeding edge of our learning and ability when Tom is in the mix, but he helps us know it’s all going to be OK. That’s why we keep hiring Tom in all these different roles. He can lead us through the unknown to greater personal, professional, and organizational capacity.
Charles Matheus
Executive Director of Boys to Men Mentoring

Reviews from some of my Salesforce Clients

Tom helped our organization use our Salesforce system much more effectively, and that had a huge impact on our team's capabilities and output.

We had major cleanup work that needed to be done, and Tom guided us through the process of cleaning up old data, installing processes to reduce cleanup in the future, and helped update our system to meet our current needs.

He has been wonderful and easy to work with, and he's super knowledgeable on the system so it can adapt to how you and your team use it!

Julia Campbell
Program Director at Arch Grants

I'm a big believer that anything I can do to help my clients (and potential clients) feel more comfortable and confident within Salesforce is a big win for everybody. The more they understand, the better able they are to express their needs during project initiation, and the more clearly we can define successful outcomes. Here are the most recent videos that I've sent out to my monthly newsletter.

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